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Put our expertise to work for you. At Southern Roots Farm, LLC, we are proud to have received the following recognition for our contributions to our customers.
Tanya Thorpe  — 5 stars
June 17, 2018

"Beth made sure we had all the food, & drinks we wanted, she worked out each detail with us to make sure she had what we wanted and would prepare it how we wanted it. She also gave the same precision to our cake and both the cake and food were delicious, and looked amazing. I truly appreciated all the double and triple checking Beth did to make sure everything was to our liking. I will definitely keep that in mind if I need a cater again."
Customer Reviews
Lynmarie Rivera Martínez — 5 stars
April 8, 2018

"Amazing customer service and delicious food for affordable prices. I highly recommend the brunch catering services. Would definitely use them in the future!"
"Amazing customer service and delicious food for affordable prices."
"I truly appreciated all the double and triple make sure everything was to our liking"
Lisa C. — 5 stars
June 10, 2018

"Simply the very best! Outstanding! Beth knows how to cater an event! Not only is she organized and get everything perfect, but her cakes are outstanding as well and everything is always fresh all the time and delicious. I highly recommend booking her for your wedding or party event. Will certainly use her again for my next event."
"Simply the very best!"
Leah Elizabeth Ross — 5 stars
January 13, 2018

"Absolutely the most yummy cake, the nicest and most wonderful woman, and an amazing memory for my wedding!"
"An amazing memory for my wedding!"
Domenica Ross — 5 stars
January 13, 2018

"I am not much of a dessert person at all. Anyone that knows me, knows I don't like cake. They sure made that look like a lie on November 18, 2017. I had the most delicious cake and cupcakes for my wedding. And the most beautiful. Beth created a cake even more amazing than I had imagined. I had banana, devil's food and white wedding cake for my wedding. It's hard to say which was my favorite. BUT, I'm pretty sure I could have that banana cake every day for the rest of my life. Lol. 
Thank you, Beth, for not only creating the most delicious cake and cupcakes I've ever had, but for also going above and beyond to make them even more gorgeous than I imagined."
"Even more amazing than I had imagined!"
Carrie Davis — 5 stars
March 25, 2016

"Delicious cakes !!"
"Delicious Cakes!"
Attiya A Ali — 5 stars
February 7, 2015

"Delicious and beautiful cakes! Beth is talented and wonderful to work with. Highly recommended."
"Highly recommended!"
Greg Salera — 5 stars
January 22, 2016 
Joshua Ryan Sage — 5 stars
October 21, 2016 
Casey McMullan — 5 stars
July 23, 2014

"Best cakes I've ever had they were very delicious and I enjoyed it very much"
"Best cakes I've ever had!"
Tom H. — 5 stars
February 17, 2014
Iuliia Pavlovska - 5 stars
July 4, 2017

"The baker is very easy to work with. Beth worked with my budget and respected my vision. The cake was gorgeous, delicious and delivered on time. Will order from her again."
Tyler Hall 
November 15, 2018 · 

"Beth did an awesome job with our wedding cake and cupcakes! She combines fresh and fun flavors! She was on time delivering and even decorated the cake on site. We will definitely be using her for our future events!!"
"Fresh and fun flavors!"
Lori Whetzel 
September 16, 2018

"Beth made everything easy, we wanted to not just have a special party we wanted to enjoy a party. Her meatballs are wonderful, the cake delicious and adorable (so moist it didn't need the frosting) the cheese plate the best we've had, pasta salad to die for and stuffed green olives I'd kill to know how she made them. I'm sure I'm leaving things out (there was an abundance of good food) but just believe me hire her and sit back and enjoy. Oh and great decorations she made to exceed our expectations when our ideas were sketchy even in our minds. I'll be using her again.
""Just believe me, hire her and sit back and enjoy!"
Tia Marie Dalton Hall 
February 11, 2019

"They create things almost too beautiful to eat"
Lisa - 4.9 Stars
July 21, 2018

Their cakes are delicious, cookies are amazing, They know how to cater an event...everything they do is done with perfection! 
I highly recommend them for your next event, party, or Wedding.
"Too beautiful to eat!"
""Delicious and Amazing"
Bill D. - 5.0 stars
June 29, 2018

I was in pulled pork heaven. Beth is great at main courses and deserts and having been to more than a few events I have seen her handle small and large crowds with down home hospitality like everyone is family. No one walks away hungry.
""Pulled Pork Heaven"
Jemny M.  - 5 stars
June 30, 2018

My cake, cookies and cake pops were from Pinterest and I knew the design was complicated and specific but they turned out to be better then expected! I’m so thankful with the results! Everything was beautiful and delicious!
"Everything was beautiful and delicious. I am so thankful with the results!"
Amy  - 4.8 Stars
April 19, 2011

After calling many bakers I decided to go with someone local because none of the others were returning my call. So I searched local and got a call back the same day :) My daughter's cake was exactly what I expected and asked for and the red velvet with strawberry filling was so wonderful! She loved it and so did all the other guests! Thank you!
"My daughter's cake was exactly what I expected and asked for!"
Wesley - 5 stars
July 19, 2016

The staff did an awesome job! Originally I went to them just for cake/cupcakes for my wedding. We ended up needed a caterer last minute, and they were a fantastic choice. Food (bbq and sides) was great! Many of our guests commented on how good the food was. The cake and cupcakes were delicious and absolutely gorgeous- I was so impressed with them. Their prices are also the best around. Highly recommend them!
"Fantastic choice!"
Diane McMillan - 5 stars
October 2, 2019

"I found  the staff amazingly easy to work with, patient beyond belief, and provided a wonderful service, with wonderful food that honestly could not have made our day any better. All I had to do was sketch out the general idea of what I was trying to do, and they made it happen. Everyone at our 90+ guest party remarked to me what a lovely event it was. If you want a great experience, this is the place to look first!"
"If you want a great experience, this is the place to look first!"

Donna Docherty - 5 stars
April 2020

I ordered my son's wedding cake with them. They were so easy to work with and excellent to communicate with. Her cake was delicious and within our budget. I wanted something simple that we could add our own fresh flowers to and that is exactly what we got. We only had 8 weeks to plan the entire wedding and the cake was one of the easiest parts of the planning. I did it all by email, sent her a check and she delivered and set up the cake on time the day of the wedding. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for a reasonably priced, yummy wedding cake.
"Easy to work with and excellent to communicate with!"